The Museum of Modern Greek Art of the Municipality of Rhodes

With its rich collections, paintings, engravings, sculptures of modern and contemporary art of the greatest Greek artists, the Museum of Modern Greek Art of the Municipality of Rhodes challenges the osmosis of the arts. It is reestablished and activated as a social, educational, and cultural institution that invites to cultural dialogue the general public, national and international. It is constantly seeking its development and in cooperation with the local institutions it introduces educational initiatives aiming to disseminate and familiarize the public with contemporary art. With resilience and adaptability, it responds to current challenges and it aims to make the island of Rhodes a gateway to modern Greek art.

With the autonomous operation of its four showrooms, –the building under renovation “Andrea Ioanou”, the building of Paleo Sissitio, Nestorideio Melathron and its new wing, donated by Ioannis and Paola Nestorides, all samples of the architectural history, the special environment of the island of Rhodes and its hyperlocal, international character, the Museum of Modern Greek Art of the Municipality of Rhodes unfolds its exhibition planning, its educational activities and its publishing activity.

A brief history of the Museum

The efforts to establish the Municipal Gallery of Rhodes, now the Museum of Modern Greek Art, started as early as the 1950s, with the official opening being held on 1964. Thanks to the provision and work of its founder, Andreas Ioannou, the Municipal Gallery of Rhodes was hosted from its early beginnings in a restored historical building at the very entrance of the Medieval City of Rhodes, at Symi Square. It is the first ever Museum of Modern Greek Art to receive its own facilities, moreover inside the limits of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Andreas Ioannou, a distinguished researcher of Greek Art and writer, then Prefect of Dodecanese, foresaw that the international radiance of Rhodes would greatly benefit a Museum of Modern Greek Art of the 20th Century. His efforts were concentrated to establish close relations with artists, critics, gallery owners and collectors, leading to the constant enhancement of the collections with new artwork and the raise of the status of the Municipal Gallery of Rhodes to a strong cultural institution. The Municipal Gallery of Rhodes, today, bears his name, in his honor.

In 2000, the Museum added another exhibition venue to its facilities, also inside the Medieval City of Rhodes, the building of Old Syssitio, at Socratous Str., at the very heart of the Medieval City. The Center of Modern Greek Art, as it is called, hosts exhibitions with art by local and new artists.

In 2002, a new building has opened to the public, a generous donation by Ioannis (1897-1978) and Paola (1914-2011) Nestoridis, where a large portion of the permanent exhibition and the workshops of the Museum were transferred, allowing the Municipal Gallery to re-organize its ever growing offerings. The new building is located at Gabriel Charitou Sq., the famous 100 Palm Trees Square, at the very center of the modern city and all tourist activity. It is the main cultural point of reference at Rhodes downtown, and one of the most important cultural spots on the island, outside the walls of the Medieval City.

In 2010, in an adjacent lot owned by the Municipality of Rhodes, just opposite the famous Grande Albergo delle Rose, the New Wing of the Nestorideion Melathron is being built, also a donation of Paola Nestoridis. The New Wing is a modern vast cultural space that hosts exhibitions, but also serves as the main “hub” of local cultural life, hosting dozens of educational and cultural events each year, including recitals, book presentations, and conferences.

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About the organization of the Museum


Executive Board

President: Souzana KARDOULIA

Vice-president: Mary MANTZON


Substitute-memberes: Fedra SPANOU, Vasiliki THEOLOGI, Vasileios VAGIANAKIS, Sotiris VAGIANOS, Tsampika KIAHAGIA-MAGIOGLOU, Athanasios STAMOS, Efi KASTELLORIOU

Artistic Committee

President: Katerina KOSKINA, art historian – museologist


Mary KAMPOUROPOULOU, BA Supreme School of Fine Arts.

Ilias PAPAILIAKOS, BA Supreme School of Fine Arts.

Maria MANTZON, member of the Executive Board

Sergios AIVAZIS, Chairman of the Executive Board – BA on Cultural Management