Administration and Committees
The Modern Greek Art Museum is ruled by an Administrative Council appointed by the Mayor of Rhodes and an Artistic Committee appointed by the Administrative Council accordingly. Members of the Council and the Committee are prominent personalities from the Dodecanese and Athens. In the recent years, the duties of the President of the Administrative Council have been carried out by mayors D. Venetoklis, Dr. S. Karayiannis, by deputy mayors E. Fraraki, M. Balanos, N. Chatzinikitas, M Antonoglou. In addition, A. Argyris, G. Giannopoulou, E. Glenti, A. Kagais, D. Kyriakidou, M. Mentos, G. Michailidis, I. PaMost recentergis, M. Stauropoulou have served as members of the Administrative Council. Also Y. Iraklidis, A. Ioannidis, H. Kabouridis, M. Kabouropoulou, E. Scourtou, C. Christou and the artists M. Anastasiadis, P. Gravalos, K. Neofytou, A. Papachristodoulou and P. Tetsis have benn mebers of the Artistic Committee. At this point we should not forget to mention that the Museum collaborates with extinguished personalities that belong in other domains such as History of art, Museology, Museopegadogy and the domain of Conservation of works of Art.
At present, the members listed below consist the Administrative Council, the Artistic Committee and the administrative personnel:
Administrative Council
 Kampouropoulou Mary
V. President:
 Kampouraki-Plakia Evi
 Papou Athanasia
 Skandaliaris Zafiris
 Moschos Nikitas
 Atsas Spiros
 Tiliakos Giorgos
Tiliakos Giorgos
Beliadis Michael
Koufou Ismini
Panagoy Panagos
Gramsas Panagiotis
Artistic Committee
Gravalos Panagiotis
Mihailidou Mary
Kampouropoulou Mary
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