With sole exception the paintings by Yiallinas, the works of art hosted in the Modern Greek art Museum belong to artists who were born after 1963. They cover the clearly defined periods of 1863-1881, 1882-1897, 1898-1909, 1910-1922, 1923-1940 and from 1941 up till the present day. The first group includes 15 artists, from which the most important are undoubtedly K.Maleas, K.Parthenis, and Theofilos (Xatzimichail). The second group includes almost 20 artists D.Galanis, G.Gounaropoulos, F.Kontoglou, N.Lytras, G.Bouzianis, Sp. Papaloukas, and the third group approximately fourty artists (SP.Vasileiou, Al.Kontopoulos, N.Nikolaou, N.Xatzikyriakos-Gikas and others). The fourth group has made known about 30 artists such as D.Diamantopoulos, N.Egonopoulos, G.Moralis, G.Spyropoulos, G.Tsarouxis, and the fifth group includes 40 artists who were born between World War I and World War II such as G.Gaitis, N Kessanlis, P.Tetsis, A.Fassianos, and others. The last group contains relatively few artists almost 10 (Chr.Botsoglou, G.Psychopedis, G.Bouteas and others).
The works of art (approximately by 150 artists) exhibited in the Modern Greek Art Museum, cover almost all the artists who have contributed in the formation of the face of Greek painting and in many cases some of their masterpieces. This collection gives the opportunity to the visitor to have a complete image of the cultural activity of Greece which was created by artists who were born since 1963 and onwards.
@2006-Municipality of Rhodes, Modern Greek Art Museum