History of the Museum
The preparations for the creation of the Municipal Art Gallery of Rhodes -which now consists the Modern Greek Art Museum- started in 1950 and the inauguration ceremony was held in 1964. Andreas Ioannou, a distinguished student of Modern Greek Art, a literary figure and at the same time the prefect of Dodecanese was the first to vision the creation of the Museum of Modern Greek Art of the 20th century in the island of Rhodes due to its international allure. As his main intention was to enrich the collections of the Art Gallery and at the same time to establish it as a powerful cultural institution, he kept close contact with artists, critics of art and gallery owners.
The Museum's mission
The Modern Greek Art Museum is a non-profitable legal public entity, submitted to society's service, opened to all people besides their nationality, origin or religion.
The main philosophy for the creation of this museum consists in searching, acquiring, studying, preserving and exhibiting in the best way the works of visual art that were created in Greece since the 15th century and in particular since the foundation of the Greek state in 1832. All these activities aim at promoting the works of art not only to the local public but also to the national and international public especially from a cultural, educational, social and national aspect.
These fundamental objectives have led the Museum to organize expositions in order to apply a communicative policy towards the public. Guided tours are organized, lectures are given and seminars are held where art critics and painters teach. In addition to all this, a department of educational programs has been founded the last 5 years that collaborates with the primary and secondary education as well as with the University of Aegean and many other educational institutions. The highly educated teaching staff organizes a series of educational programs that offer a wide range of classes and educational material to the children and to all the youngsters of Rhodes and the rest of Greece. At the same time, the museum according to the common policy that all museums around the world have, it publishes catalogues of art, books for educational purposes and cd Roms for children and elders. Additionally, it produces copies of the museum's works of art, in order to promote the Modern Greek Art and its artists to the public.
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