Donations of works of art
The Modern Greek Art Museum receives donations either of unique pieces of art or sometimes of entire collections wherever they come from, as long as they can be a part of its philosophy. The Administrative Council of the Museum decides whether they will accept a donation provided that the Cultural Committee has proposed it.
These works of art can be:
Paintings, engravings and other drawings.
ÉHistorical relics, historical documents and photographs.
Archives with photographs
Entire collections
Clothing and objects of everyday life that characterize a certain epoque.
After having received a donation the new objects are registered in a specific book called the "THE DONATORS' BOOK". These objects are preserved, protected, and exhibited to the public always carrying the name of the donator aside. The Modern Greek Art Museum accepts as well donations which the donator wishes to keep as long as he lives or as long as he wishes. These pieces of art, after the donator has deceased or according to his request, are transferred to the Museum and the Modern Greek Art Museum has the right to expose them to the public.
The Modern Greek Art Museum welcomes all volunteers who wish to offer their services in various fields of action. They can be students from the following departments of education that are art related such as History of Art, Conservation of works of Art and other antiquities, Museology, Museopedagogy and culture in general.
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