Triennale - Engraving Workshop
It is our great pleasure to inform you that, as part of the Operational Program 'CIVILIZATION' of the Greek Ministry of Culture, the Modern Greek Art Museum of the Municipality of Rhodes, in Greece, (Nestorideion, Gabriel Haritos square) will accommodate from September 2008, an engraving workshop.

As you already know, the inauguration ceremony of the 1st Triennale of Engraving of the Mediterranean will take place at Nestorideion on the 27th of August, 2008, at 19:30.

It is our intention to provide young people with the opportunity to create, in our laboratory, their pieces of work, and to successful artists another chance to expose samples of their artwork in an institution-exhibition presently missing from the Mediterranean region.

Soon, all the information about the functions of the laboratory will be published, in order to keep informed anybody interested in the program.
The President
Dr. Mary Kampouropoulou
Triennale-News & Cultural Activities
@2006-Municipality of Rhodes, Modern Greek Art Museum